Augmented CAD

an augmented design experience

Brand-new geometry. Brand-new mathematics. Patent pending technology.

Create digital models with less effort, less difficulties and faster.

Mirrakoi® provides XirusCAD®; a powerful CAD kernel that enables augmented access to the 3D digital object and simulates real-world physical contact between the user and the CAD model.

The distinguished CAD kernel of the industry for augmented digital modeling.

Mirrakoi® technology enables the creation of CAD objects that are beyond the limitations of existing technology.

Mirrakoi® technology combines

the Best of Three Worlds of

• Polygons
• Subdivision

together with

Augmented Digital Geometry

to create

Augmented CAD


Flexibility and ease-of-use of polygons but with less parameters and exact precision

Flexibility and ease-of-use of polygons but with fewer parameters and exact precision

Local refinability wherever you want and whenever you need as with subdivision

Local refinability wherever you want and whenever you need as with subdivision

Smoothness and organic shape design as with NURBS

Smoothness and organic shape design as with NURBS

Augmented access to the digital object

XirusCAD® simulates immediate responsiveness to tangents, curvature, derivatives, junctions, boundaries and smoothness and provides direct control to adjust the quality of the surface anywhere on the object. XirusCAD® allows the user to exactly convert the geometry to NURBS or polygons at any moment during the CAD process.

Mirrakoi®’s 3D geometric kernel offers unsurpassed interaction functionality with 3D digital objects during the shape modeling process. Mirrakoi®’s technology enables a superior modeling experience that results in reduced labour, time, and challenges that are encountered in today’s CAD and CAE processes.

Mirrakoi®’s technology is the outcome of fundamental mathematical research. It is distinguished by four key attributes:

  • unprecedented interaction functionality enabled by augmented CAD
  • superior geometry representation
  • increased efficiency and speed when modeling digital high-quality industrial surfaces
  • guaranteed interoperability with industrial standards (100% NURBS and polygon compatible).
Xirus® NURBS Subdivision Polygons
Augmented access to geometry
Decoupled control of tangents, curvature & surface points
Watertight junctions
Watertight junctions with direct smoothness control
G0, G1 or G2 junctions between arbitrary parameter lines
Smooth junctions between different topologies
Watertight junctions between different number of control points
Subdivision and local refinement
Select and manipulate entire or partial parameter line
Select and manipulate faces
Maximally localized surface control (2×2 neighborhood)
Interpolating control points
Organic smooth modeling
Direct control of ‘kinkness’, ‘sharpness’, & smoothness of corners
Exact conic sections, spherers, circles, torus, ellipsoids, arcs
Exact transcendental curves (helix, cycloid, etc)
No weight parameters required
Surface extrusion
Surfaces of revolution, lofting, sweeping
Convert to polygons (quads & triangles)
Exact conversion to NURBS
Arbitrary topology