Dear Xirus users,

The updated version of the free Xirus WIP has been released.

The update includes:

1. A new Toolbar and improved UI:

2. Additional useful commands:

– Convert your existing NURBS models into native Xirus geometry with the “Xirus Convert NURBS To Xirus” command:
– Save and reload CAD models as Xirus objects, NURBS objects, or Mesh models:
– Create lofts from curves with the “Xirus Surface From Curves Loft” command:
– Flip the normals of a surface with the “Xirus Surface Tools Flip” command: The command is also applicable to closed surfaces.

The free Rhino-compatible Xirus WIP is available at: After signing in on our website, you can download Xirus for Rhino 5 (Windows). If you are already a Xirus user, also follow the instructions.

The complete list of commands (including videos explaining the commands) can be found on our website: The video documentation is also available on our YouTube channel:

Xirus itself, the distribution mechanism, our website, and the corresponding user-support infrastructure are still in test-mode. We would appreciate your active feedback to improve the overall experience related to Xirus. For any comments, suggestions, and requests, please use our forum or send us an email to .

We thank every user for testing our technology.

Best regards,

Mirrakoi Team