Dear Xirus users,

Xirus Alpha with full Rhino BRep integration is now available for download! From now on, you can apply ALL Rhino-NURBS commands to Xirus: e.g., trim, offset, filet, chamfer, sweep, object snap, and much more!

To use Xirus Alpha, you have to download the software from and request a new license key.

The new free Xirus® Alpha license key can be used to install Xirus® Alpha on up to 5 machines. The unique license key will be sent to you by e-mail. Be aware that previous license keys for the Xirus WIP are no longer valid.

Xirus Alpha – New Features:

  • FULL compatibility with any Rhino surfacing workflow: run any surface/curve tool (point snapping, rebuild, offset, etc.) on your Xirus object.
  • Convert any Rhino surface/polysurface/curve to Xirus. Then benefit from the augmented modelling properties that Xirus offers.
  • Improved watertight junctions with smoothness control: when joining 2 or more Xirus surfaces, they can be treated as one single object, keeping a smooth junction in between.
  • XirusJoin command: join a set of Xirus surfaces and treat them as a single object. Points that coincide are welded and jointly controlled including tangents and derivatives.
  • Enhanced “explode”, “extract” and “remove” commands. Any Xirus polysurface can be exploded into surface units or face units.

With the BRep integration, Xirus Alpha provides easy-to-use surface modeling and subdivision tools and surface/face editing commands to join and divide complex/simple patches and create high-quality complex models.

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We thank every user for testing our technology.

Kind regards,
Mirrakoi Team