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In this post we segment a liver with Manual Segmentation tools, specially Fill Between Slices.


We start with the following image, that we add to the scene using the button Open Image (or the command RMOpenImage).

Knee image.

We open the Image Analysis tab (corresponding button or command RMImageAnalysis), take a look at the image and set a threshold that makes the region of interest broadly visible.

Thresholded image.

Paint Mask

We then open the Segmentation tab (button or command RMSegmentation) and look over the subsection Manual Segmentation. In one of the views, we paint several slices of the liver using the button Paint Mask (see this post for more details on this tool).

After painting a few slices.

Fill Between Slices

We then push the button Fill Between Slices. It will add the missing area between the slices that we annotated.

After pushing Fill Between Slices.

Surface from Mask

We can add or remove more detail manually to the mask, or directly press the button Surface from Mask and retrieve the mesh enclosing the painted area.

Surface from Mask.

Segmented liver (in blue) with other anatomies.