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Liver Segmentation using Fill Between Slices

In this post we segment a liver with Manual Segmentation tools, specially Fill Between Slices. Threshold We start with the following image, that we add to the scene using the button Open Image (or the [...]

Knee Segmentation using Paint Mask

In this post we show how to use the Paint Mask tools in the Segmentation toolset to segment knee bones. We see how to create a mask and add/remove detail manually, then extract a smooth [...]

First steps with Rhino3DMedical

Let's take a first look at Rhino3DMedical and see how we interact with the user interface. For an introduction about automation of workflows and Rhino3DMedical-Grasshopper, we invite the reader to look at our Grasshopper-related blog [...]

Segmentation: Threshold Based vs. Region Growing

Here we study the two main ways of segmenting a region of anatomical interest: threshold based and region growing. What is Threshold Based Segmentation? Threshold based is a way of segmenting anatomical structures of interest [...]

Image Segmentation Using Region Growing Tools

In this post we go through the Region Growing tools which allow you to segment a specific area of an image. What is Region Growing? Region Growing is a way of segmenting anatomical structures of [...]

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