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Segment Medical Images with HumanUI

In this post we explore combining HumanUI and Rhino3DMedical in Grasshopper to segment medical images. Download & Install HumanUI Before we begin we need to make sure HumanUI is installed. Head to the HumanUI page [...]

Analyze Medical Images Using Grasshopper

In this post we will look at how you can extract 2D images from a medical image using only grasshopper. What is the "Extent"? The Get Extent component returns the extents of the image in [...]

Process Medical Images Using Grasshopper

In this post we provide an overview for reading and processing medical images in Grasshopper. Read an Image Rhino3DMedical supports reading medical images in many different formats. The currently supported formats are: Metaimage (*.mhd, *.mha) [...]

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