XirusCAD for Automotive

3D CAD Solutions for High-Quality Surface Design

Design, Concept and Surface Modeling

XirusCAD offers new, intuitive surfacing tools for design and modeling. Smooth shape design, addition of local details, advanced surfacing with intuitive and flexible control, as well as curve-based modeling worfklows are brought to you through XirusCAD.

Freeform Creation

Organic and smooth freeform design is made easy through XirusCAD’s NURBS- and SubD compatible modeling features: explore intuitive and direct surface, tangent and curvature control, create complex surfaces with smooth G2 junctions between patches or use our features to create surfaces from curves.

Exact Mathematical Precision

XirusCAD provides mathematically exact surface and curve representations similar to NURBS. Create geometry with highest accuracy suitable for industrial surfacing and manufacturing.

BREP and NURBS Compatibility

Easily integrate XirusCAD into your existing CAD modeling workflow. The geometry created with XirusCAD can be converted back and forth into NURBS and BREPs. Design details or complex topology with smoothness control in XirusCAD while staying compatible with your downstream engineering and manufacturing process.

Reverse Engineering

Surface from Mesh or Point Cloud

Quickly create smooth surfaces from volumetric meshes or point clouds. Apply our mesh-conversion tools that provide semi-automatic features to easily convert your set of points or vertices into an overall smooth, production-ready surface in NURBS, BREP or native XirusCAD format.

Reverse engineering

Convert a volumetric 3D scan, point cloud or mesh into a smooth BREP or NURBS surface. XirusCAD provides point-cloud and mesh processing tools that output smooth surfaces that can directly be manufactured or 3D printed.

System Integration, Professional Services

Mirrakoi provides system integration and professional services for the automotive industry. Our core technology is independent from any specific software environment, hence it can be seamlessly integrated in your workflow. Contact us at info@mirrakoi.com for customised offers and further details.