Release notes

XirusCAD Introduction Series

New to XirusCAD? Check out our short introduction series: ! XirusCAD UI, Toolbar, Menu, Icons XirusCAD Curves, Surfaces, Interaction Subdivision Irregular Shapes - XirusCAD Freeform Modeling Watertight Junctions Trimming, NURBS, and BRep Compatibility Grasshopper [...]

XirusCAD Beta: Released!

Dear All, XirusCAD Beta is now freely available for Rhino 6 (and 5) for Windws and can be downloaded from XirusCAD Beta includes XirusCAD trimming and the possibility to hide isocurves in rendered mode. The free [...]

Xirus Alpha: Released!

Dear Xirus users, Xirus Alpha with full Rhino BRep integration is now available for download! From now on, you can apply ALL Rhino-NURBS commands to Xirus: e.g., trim, offset, filet, chamfer, sweep, object snap, and [...]