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Subdivision, bridges, Y-branches, smooth surface patches, starpoint creation with G2 or higher continuity and much more!

XirusCAD provides a new, intuitive CAD solution for organic and freeform modeling. Download it now!

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    Getting a license key

    A license key is required to run XirusCAD® for Rhino. You can purchase a license key or get a trial license key for 30 days for free. The same license key works for Rhino 6 and 5.

    If you have purchased a XirusCAD® license key and you have lost the email containing the key, please contact us.

    Hardware and software requirements

    XirusCAD® is currently available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

    Rhino 6.12 or Rhino 5 (64-bit): XirusCAD® is currently developed for Rhino 6 and Rhino 5. Note that for Rhino 6 compatibility, version 6.12 or higher needs to be installed (6.11 and previous are not compatible with XirusCAD). If you have Rhino 6 already installed and it says it’s up to date, you can manually install the update by downloading the installer from McNeel’s website. You can download a free trial of Rhino 6 from: There, the full version of Rhino for free is provided for 90 days. The requirements of Rhino 6 and 5 can be found here:


    • Upon download, the installer package of XirusCAD® will be downloaded to your computer.
    • Close Rhino. Double-click on the file XirusCADInstaller and it will automatically install XirusCAD® as a Rhino-plugin.
      Restart Rhino. When launching XirusCAD®, you will be asked to activate your license. Both online and offline activation is possible. Follow the instructions of the License Wizard.
    • The following video shows step-by-step how to install XirusCAD® on your machine.


    To uninstall XirusCAD®, close all Rhino applications. Then, go to Control Panel>Uninstall a program and then find the XirusCAD uninstaller on the list.


    The complete list of commands (including videos explaining the commands) can be found here: .
    Video documentation is also available on our YouTube channel:


    Send us an e-mail to or contact us using our contact form.