XirusCAD Gallery

Most models are available for free download as .3dm or .igs files. The .3dm files contain the model as a native XirusCAD® object as well as the corresponding NURBS and mesh model. If you don’t have XirusCAD® installed, then the XirusCAD® object will display as a mesh (XirusCAD® can be downloaded here). The .igs files only contain the NURBS model.

Please feel free to use all the models in any commercial product or rendering you create. We request that if you create derivative works based on these models, you credit Mirrakoi Ltd. by explicitly mentioning that the original model was created with XirusCAD® for Rhino and provide a link back to our site, www.mirrakoi.com. You are not allowed to distribute these models; we ask that you send your interested colleagues to our website to download the models for themselves. All models were created with XirusCAD® for Rhino by Mirrakoi Ltd.