Swiss precision. Patented technology.

Discover Mirrakoi’s range of innovative products & services based on its novel patented kernel technology for product design & reverse engineering.

XirusCAD for organic freeform modeling & design for manufacturing with direct smoothness control.

Design highest-quality industrial surfaces intuitively with high precision and no effort. Complex design tasks become easy when using XirusCAD’s new interactive push-and-pull design-functionality. Integrate XirusCAD into your existing modeling workflow thanks to our forward/backward BRep compatibility and mesh-creation option. Take full advantage of the XirusCAD reverse engineering functionality. XirusCAD models are directly manufacturable, 3D printable and can be exported for analysis or simulation into FEA and CAE software.

XirusCAD RE for converting point clouds or meshes into NURBS or BREP surfaces without user-interaction and mesh repair. 

XirusCAD RE provides a powerful toolset to convert volumetric point clouds or meshes into smooth NURBS surfaces.