XirusCAD for Product Design

Are you a freelancer, small family business or representing a large corporate? Mirrakoi’s XirusCAD provides solution for your business too!

3D CAD Solutions for Product Design

Freeform Surfacing

XirusCAD empowers you with new freeform design capabilities. Explore the vast range of our novel surfacing tools to create, manipulate and model shapes or apply our rich set of curve-based features. With XirusCAD you will enjoy an unseen freedom to create industrial designs and manufacturing-ready products.

Organic Modeling

Organic shapes are easily created as all XirusCAD surfaces are by default G2 smooth. Adjust tangents, curvatures, or create G2 curve networks and complex surface patches through direct and intuitive curve and surface handles.

Local Details & SubD

Add local detail through the native XirusCAD subdivision functionality without increasing the global complexity of a shape. Our face- and edge-based local control guarantees an intuitive modeling process, for example through convenient hovering and highlighting of specific surface parts.

Smoothness Control

Every XirusCAD object is by default G2 smooth. Through direct surface, tangent and curvature control an easy and intuitive workflow is ensured to control smoothness as well as creating sharp edges, corners and kinks anywhere and anytime.

NURBS and BREP Compatibility

XirusCAD objects can be converted back and forth to NURBS and BREPs at any time during the modeling process. Our curves and surfaces are compatible with your existing CAD workflow can simply be integrated into your modeling process.

Rhino Integration

XirusCAD is available as a Rhino plugin and can be installed in a few simple steps. Equip your Rhino license with our powerful toolset and enjoy an enhanced design experience. Through our BREP compatibility you can input XirusCAD objects into Grasshopper or apply all native Rhino-NURBS commands to XirusCAD geometry such as trimming, offset and much more.

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Professional Services

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