Products and Services

Mirrakoi provides a wide range of products and services for product design and reverse engineering. Our proprietary software is independent of any specific software environment; hence it can be integrated in any in-house workflow. Our commercial solutions consist of Rhino integrations, but we offer customised solutions for designers, hardware and software manufacturers.

High-Quality Surface Design at Ease

Freeform Surfacing

XirusCAD empowers you with new freeform design capabilities. Explore the vast range of our novel surfacing tools to create, manipulate and model shapes or apply our rich set of curve-based features. With XirusCAD you will enjoy an unparalleled freedom to create industrial designs and manufacturing-ready products.

Organic Modeling

Organic shapes are easily created as all XirusCAD surfaces are by default G2 smooth. Adjust tangents, curvatures, or create G2 curve networks and complex surface patches through direct and intuitive curve and surface handles.

Local Details & SubD

Add local detail through the native XirusCAD subdivision functionality without increasing the global complexity of a shape. Our face- and edge-based local control guarantees an intuitive modeling process, for example through convenient hovering and highlighting of specific surface parts.

Smoothness Control

Every XirusCAD object is by default G2 smooth. Through direct surface, tangent and curvature control an easy and intuitive workflow is ensured to control smoothness as well as create sharp edges, corners and kinks anywhere and anytime.

NURBS and BREP Compatibility

XirusCAD objects can be converted back and forth to NURBS and BREPs at any time during the modeling process. Our curves and surfaces are compatible with your existing CAD workflow and can simply be integrated into your modeling process.

Reverse Engineering

3D Scans to CAD

Convert volumetric 3D scans and point clouds into smooth CAD surfaces or meshes. With XirusCAD RE you can create smooth G1 NURBS and BREPs using our powerful feature set. Our tools can be applied to point clouds with different density and varying level of detail and the output is compatible with all CAD industry standards.

Point Cloud to 3D Printing

XirusCAD RE converts your point cloud into 3D printing-ready surfaces and file formats. Whether you want to create a mesh or mathematically smooth surface, XirusCAD RE offers the right toolset for you. The output surface can be exported as STL, OBJ as well as BREP, STEP, IGS or any other common industry format.

Mesh to CAD, Smooth NURBS, BREPs

Use the mesh processing and conversion tools shipped with XirusCAD RE to create a G1 surface directly from a volumetric triangle or quad mesh. XirusCAD RE can also be used to create structured meshes from unstructured inputs or to convert triangle meshes into structured quad meshes.

Point Cloud and Mesh Processing Tools

A combination of point cloud and mesh processing tools are brought to you through XirusCAD RE. The feature set enables to process scans and meshes originating from a vast range of industries such as automotive design, jewelry, prosthetics, dentistry, industrial design or mechanical engineering.

Rhino Integration

XirusCAD and XirusCAD RE are available as Rhino plugins and can be installed in a few simple steps. Equip your Rhino license with our powerful toolset and enjoy an enhanced design experience.


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Professional Services, System Integration

Would you like to incorporate our technology into the digital workflow of your business? We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with us by sending an email to or contact us through LinkedIn.

OEM and Hardware Complementarity

Are you a hardware manufacturer of 3D scanners, 3D printers, CNC machines, mechanical parts, jewelry or other and wish to integrate our technology into your product? Would you like your customers to directly benefit from our technology without them depending on additional costly products? Integrate our software into your product: Simplify your customers product and purchasing experience while promoting our added value under your own name and brand. We’d love to have a conversation with you: send us an email to

Software Integration

Do you wish to include our technology or certain features into your existing software product or CAD/engineering pipeline? We offer customized XirusCAD integration into your environment of choice. Our experienced team of developers has the know-how to deliver and provide the necessary technical support. Get in touch through sending an email to