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Dear Xirus® Users,

The free Rhino-compatible Xirus® Alpha is now available and can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Instructions on how to install Xirus® can be found below.  A list of the currently available 80 Xirus® commands provided by the Xirus® kernel can be found here. It includes one video per command, commented in English with subtitles.

Xirus® Alpha, the distribution mechanism, our website and our user-support infrastructure are still in test-mode.  We are also testing an updating system, where the user is notified automatically when a new update is available.

We would appreciate your active feedback in order to improve Xirus®, the user-support and your overall experience related to Xirus®. Instructions related to the currently available user-support and user-feedback are given below.

We thank every user for the effort to test our technology and for helping us to shape the final product.

Best regards,

Mirrakoi Team

Getting started

1. Hardware and Software Requirements

Windows: Xirus® is currently available for Windows.

Rhino 5 (64-bit): Xirus® is currently developed for Rhino 5. You can download a free trial version from: There, the full version of Rhino 5 for free is provided for 90 days.

The requirements of Rhino 5 can be found here:

2. Log In

If you have already created a Mirrakoi® account, then you can use your username and password to log in. If you have no account yet, then please register. You can only download Xirus® Alpha once you log in.

3. Installation (Video instructions found below)

3.1. Download Xirus® Alpha by clicking below on the button “DOWNLOAD XIRUS FOR RHINO 5 FOR WINDOWS”. You first need to accept the terms and conditions of our End-User License Agreement by checking the checkbox next to the button.
3.2. The installer package of Xirus® Alpha will be downloaded to your computer.
3.3. Get a license key here. The free Xirus® Alpha license key can be used to install Xirus® Alpha on up to 5 machines. The unique license key will be sent to you by e-mail. (Be aware that previous license keys for the WIP are no longer valid.)
3.4. Close Rhino 5. Double-click on the file XirusAlphaInstaller and it will automatically install Xirus® as a Rhino-plugin.
3.5. Restart Rhino 5. When launching Xirus®, you will be asked to activate your license. Both online and offline activation is possible. Follow the instructions of the License Wizard.
The following video shows step-by-step how to install Xirus® Alpha on your machine.

4. Uninstall

To uninstall Xirus®, close all Rhino applications. Go to Windows Explorer. In the address bar type %APPDATA%. Go to McNeel > Rhinoceros > 5.0 > Plug-ins > Xirus. Double-click on the file Uninstall.

5. Support

We suggest to engage actively in discussions with the Mirrakoi® Team by participating in our forum ( Our Forum provides a direct link between users and our developers as well as our staff responsible for the customer support.
Furthermore, the complete list of commands (including videos explaining the commands) can be found here: .
The video documentation is also available on our youtube channel:

6. Feedback

We are looking forward to your feedback and opinion on Xirus® Alpha.
Use our forum to give us feedback, exchange ideas, present showcases or check out the latest news:

Contact us by e-mail: for general feedback, suggestions, questions and ideas. for bug reports.

Please log in or register to access the download button.

Get license key

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