XirusCAD Cross Tangent

Menu Hierarchy:

XirusCAD – Control Augmented Points – Cross Tangent

Toolbar Item:

Primitives – Augmented Access Surface

  • left mouse click: Xirus cross tangent selection (derivatives 1,1)
  • right mouse click: Xirus surface cross tangent selection (derivatives 1,1) for all surfaces

Command Line:

XirusSurfaceCrossTangent and XirusSurfaceCrossTangentAllObjects


The Control Augmented Points – Cross Tangent command allows you to adjust the cross tangents of a XirusCAD surface.


How To

You can call the command from the XirusCAD menu, from the XirusCAD Toolbar or from the command line. The blue points correspond to the cross tangent of your object(s) at the control points. Those values represent how the tangent plane is modified with respect to each orthogonal direction.