XirusCAD Edit Mode

Menu Hierarchy:

XirusCAD – Editors – Edit Mode

Toolbar Item:

Editors – Edit Mode

Command Line:



The Edit Mode is an interface to select and modify different quantities of XirusCAD objects (surface points, tangents, curvatures, edges, edge loops, faces, etc.).


  • Augmented Points
  • Edge Loop
  • Edge
  • Face
  • Surface U: High Detail – Low Detail
  • Surface V: High Detail – Low Detail
  • Curve: High Detail – Low Detail

How To

You can call the Edit Mode command from the XirusCAD menu, from the XirusCAD Toolbar or from the command line. In the right part of the Edit Mode, you have 3 sliders: Surface U, Surface V, Curve; with High Detail and Low Detail. By default, the sliders are set to High Detail. It means that, if you move a point, the area of the XirusCAD object that is modified is the closest to the point (one unit). If you want to affect more area in a particular direction (U or V for surfaces and Curve for curves), you can set the slider closer to Low Detail.