XirusCAD Watertight Blend Edges

Menu Hierarchy:

XirusCAD – Match&Blend – Watertight Blend Edges

Toolbar Item:

Match&Blend – Create a watertight blend surface between edges

Command Line:



The Watertight Blend Edges command allows you to create a blend surface between two XirusCAD objects defined by edges.


  • Blend continuity: Can be G0, G1 and G0
  • Flip (if G1 or G2, there are 2 possible solutions – the Flip option allows to chose between them)
  • Scale: multiplicative factor

How To

You can call the Watertight Blend Edges command from the XirusCAD menu, from the XirusCAD Toolbar or from the command line.

  1. Select the first XirusCAD surface (object A) and the second surface (object B).
  2. Select the edge on object A. It is defined by its start point and end point.
  3. Select the second edge on object B. It is defined by its start point and end point.
  4. Set up the parameters at the Blend Continuity pop-up window.


If two points do not define a curve/edge explicitly (in the case of periodic surfaces), you have to chose between the two options.