XirusCAD Options Page

Menu Hierarchy:

Tools (Rhino) – Options – XirusCAD

Toolbar Item:

Command Line:

Options and then go to the XirusCAD tab


The Options Page – XirusCAD tab allows you to set different XirusCAD parameters that facilitate the design process.


  • Hovering highlight: ON or OFF, colour can be picked. Possibilities: “Face surface hovering” or “Face surrounding edges hovering”
  • Add Surface and Curve Points to Augmented Access Commands
  • Delete Input
  • Front Face Transparency
  • Backface Transparency
  • Mesh Resolution: from Fewer Polygons to More Polygons
  • Patch Resolution: from Fewer Patches to More Patches
  • Trim conversion quality: from Best Quality to Fastest

How To

You can call the Options Page from the Rhino Tools menu, clicking on the XirusCAD tab, or from the command line.