XirusCAD Torus

Menu Hierarchy:

XirusCAD – Surfaces – Torus

Toolbar Item:

Surfaces – Create a Xirus torus

Command Line:



The Torus command allows you to create a XirusCAD Torus.


  • Number of horizontal points (corresponding to the major circle of the torus)
  • Number of vertical points (corresponding to the minor circle of the torus)
  • Center of the major circle + its radius
  • Center of the minor circle + its radius

How To

You can call the Torus command from the XirusCAD menu, from the XirusCAD Toolbar or from the command line. You have to chose the number of horizontal and vertical points, as well as the radii of the major and minor circles.


In the video, the Torus command is found under a different XirusCAD menu item.