XirusCAD Rebuild

Menu Hierarchy:

XirusCAD – Tools – Rebuild

Toolbar Item:

Tools – Rebuild a Xirus surface or curve

Command Line:



The Rebuild command makes an approximation of any XirusCAD object (curve or surface) with a different number of points.


  • Number of surface points in U and V directions or number of curve points
  • Continuity: can be G0, G1 and G2.
  • Show input (for comparison, to see how the object evolves)
  • Delete Input

How To

You can call the Rebuild command from the XirusCAD menu, from the XirusCAD Toolbar or from the command line. You have to provide the number of control points – depending on the object, either the number of surface points in U and V directions or the number of curve points. Chose the continuity. You can visualise the input, keep or delete it.